EASY Mentorship Program

What is EASY?

The 5C Mental Health Alliance is beginning a new program that aims to bridge the gap in information, stigma, and effort between those at the Claremont Colleges who need help with mental health issues and the resources that can be made available to them.

We envision a program, EASY—or Easy Access to Support for You—made up of mentors who establish one-on-one relationships with those who need non-crisis support with navigating mental health issues.

Our mentors are experienced with navigating the world of psychiatry, therapy, or academic/housing accommodations at the colleges. If you are interested in joining this new and exciting mentor program, please come contact mhalliance5c@gmail.com

Alternatively, give us feedback through an anonymous form:


Our mentors are students at the Claremont Colleges, find out more about them below!

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Juliet Gardner
Pronouns: She/Her I’m a Junior at Pomona College from a small town near Toronto, Canada. This is my second year working with the 5C Mental Health Alliance, as well as with the Pomona College Wellness Peers (another mental health group on campus with similar goals). I’m a Psychology major. I enjoy reading and writing, music and travel and all those other essential life joys. I have a lot of experience with the mental health struggles of my close family and friends - they tell me I’m a good listener.
Sabrina Mendez
Hi! My name is Sabrina (she/her) and I am a Senior at Pomona College. I am a Health Bridges Health Advocate and a Biochem lab TA. In my free time, I enjoy painting, watching terrible movies, and petting dogs. I know how hard it can be to access mental health resources on campus, especially during times of distress, and wants to make the process easier for people seeking therapy or academic accommodations.
Carmen Gewirth
My name is Carmen Gewirth and I am a junior at Pitzer College. I am from Urbana, Illinois. I am involved with the Club Soccer Team and a Psychology major. I recently became affiliated with Mental Health Alliance, and look forward to planning events and coordinating this program.
Jennifer Acevedo
(Abroad Spring 2018) Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a Junior at Pomona College majoring in Psychology. I am a Colombian-American, first-generation college student raised about 15 minutes away in the city of Covina. Hope to be of help in any way, whether it be through finding resources, accountability, or support, because you deserve to feel your best!
Sherwin Shabdar
Hi! I'm Sherwin (He/Him), and I'm a fourth-year Molecular Biology major and Spanish minor at Pomona. I really enjoy making music and reading if I ever have spare time, and I'm also part of the Students of Color Alliance, CCAN and volunteer at the hospital. Super excited to be part of EASY and to help with whatever you may need.
Erin Angelini
Hi! My name is Erin and I am a senior math major at Pomona College. I’m originally from Oak Park, IL (right outside of Chicago!) and will always claim the Midwest as my home, but I love being out here and away from those never-ending winters. I’m here because I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to navigate the mental health resources here on campus. Everyone deserves easy and reliable access to therapy and/or accommodations, and I want to help anyone looking to get exactly that.
Claire Tang
My name is Claire and I'm currently a sophomore at Scripps College. I grew up in the Bay Area and I plan on self-designing an Exercise Science major. In my free time I like to sing, play guitar, and do yoga. I know seeking counseling regarding mental health can be intimidating, so I hope to help you in navigating that process or just be a source of support!
Est Park
Hi there! My name is Est Park, and I am a Korean American and a first-generation college student. I am a sophomore majoring in psychology and minoring in coffee at Pomona College. I was born and raised in SoCal— so yes, for my entire life, I have been quite spoiled by this weather. I understand that navigating mental health resources on your own can be very overwhelming and lonely, especially in the midst of mental health stigma. Please let know how I can best support you, whether by helping you find resources (such as therapy, psychiatry, or dietitian services), working out academic accommodations with you, or seeking other on/off-campus methods of support. It would be an honor to be a part of your mental health recovery journey; please do not hesitate to contact me!
Kristen Takebayashi
Hello, my name is Kristen and I am a sophomore at Scripps College. I was born and raised on O’ahu, Hawaii and I love anything involving the ocean, music, or food. On campus I am a mentor for AASP (Asian American Student Program) and am involved in CLSA (Chicano Latino Student Affairs). I understand how difficult college and all its commitments can be and I hope to become a safe and welcome resource for other students here!
Netta Kaplan
Hello! I'm Netta, a sophomore Linguistics major at Pomona from St. Paul, Minnesota. I understand how intimidating and draining finding resources for mental illness can be, and I want to help people get access to better support. I also work with the 5C Refugee Advocacy Network, and I enjoy cooking, puzzles, and spending time outdoors.
Adam Rosenberg
Hi, I'm Adam (he/him/his) and I'm a Sophmore at Pomona. I'm from San Diego California, a place I love a lot. I'm into acting, film, board games and light design. Coming to college was very hard on me and my mental health and after taking a semester off I'm back and ready to be here. I really just want a chance to give resources and support that seems so hard to find here at the 5CS. I'm available if you need someone to direct you to resources or just someone to talk to.
Vienna Vance
Hey, I’m Vienna and I’m a first-year at Pomona. I come from San Diego, another beautiful SoCal spot! I love listening to music, playing music, drinking tea and lounging on Marston Quad. I am here to support you, listen to you and direct you towards the mental health resources that would most benefit you.
Hello, my name is Katie (she/her) and I am a second-generation Chinese American from Boulder, Colorado. I hope to reduce the stigma of mental health, and connect students to professional resources. I am also a senior computer science major, and run for the cross country and track/field teams. In my freetime I am usually making peanut butter sandwiches, reading, and listening to music.
Emma is a current second year at Scripps College. She hails from the wonderfully rainy city of Eugene, Oregon, and sorely misses the superb coffee and puppers of the PNW. She has interests in psychology, media studies, and journalism, and plans to minor in piano performance. Outside of her studies, Emma writes a biweekly queer resources column for the Scripps Voice, creates painted body projects, and aspires to pet all the dogs in Claremont. Emma is passionate about breaking the silence regarding mental health issues, and hopes to share the resources and insights she has gained from her own experience struggling with mental health. She believes strongly in self-care and practices her own in the form of water-color painting, playing piano, and watching a ridiculous amount of otter videos.

If you’re interested in joining the program to receive mentoring, please follow this link to book some time with a mentor! Please note that if you would like to work with someone and they are not free when you are, you can email mhalliance5c@gmail.com and we will try to put you in touch.

If you’re interested in joining the program to be a mentor, please email mhalliance5c@gmail.com