Prozac Campus: the Next Generation

May 27th 2012

“My interest was piqued by two sensationalistic but widely reported stories a few years ago. The first was of a precipitous deterioration in college students’ mental health…The second story was of a stark rise in the amount of academic stress faced by college students…Sometimes the stories about stress on campus implied that this new breed of students were the type of kids—from affluent, self-aware, achievement-oriented families—who had been raised to view antidepressants and ADHD medications as a means of keeping up. Were these stories true, I wondered? What role did medication play on campus now, and what did students’ attitudes toward it augur for the future? With those questions in mind, I decided to return to a college whose size and orientation reminded me a little bit of my own, to look for the change that 15 years had brought.”


Inside the Looney Disco: Dancing the Night Away at a German Mental Hospital

May 14th 2012

An interesting article from VICE about a monthly dance party at a psychiatric hospital in Germany.

Junior  Seau’s death sheds light on ignorance of depression

May 5th 2012

Thought this was a good read, especially for hinting at a lot of the policing we do to each other around things like depression and mental health.

Are Bipolar Characters Finally Getting a Fair Shake on Television?

April 10th 2012

The comments section following the article is also great…a lot of people sharing their personal experiences! “As anyone who’s experienced bipolar disorder in their own brain (or been close to a bipolar person) can attest, it’s not all magnificent highs and crushing lows as depicted on television dramas, and treatment is never as simple as one noble, weepy trip to the hospital and back. In fact, many (most?) bipolar people live their lives and take their medication and keep their shit together in a way that’s more mundane — and, in some cases, more grueling — than what we see on TV. That is, maybe, until now.”

Don’t tell me to try harder: Reframing stress and mental health at UofT

March 29th 2012

This is an article written by a student at UT about college culture and mental health… very relatable.
On Depression and Getting Help

February 6th 2012

Not sure if any of you are into Rob Delaney (hysterical comedian/writer, one of the funniest people on twitter) but he wrote a piece awhile back about his experience with depression. I really liked it and thought I’d share.

It’s No Wonder Untreated Mental Illness Has a Stigma

March 15th 2010

Woah – what do you guys think? “Spending money on programs to fight the stigma of mental illness is a waste and ineffective. It would be far more appropriate to use that money to provide proper treatment. If that were done, what stigma there is would be reduced.”

One Settled Comfortably In the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Posted February 3rd 2012

“No one wants to talk about Uncle Bob’s chronic depression or why it is that Aunt Sue refuses to travel anywhere by boat… What’s worse than acknowledging this history, is admitting to yourself and the loved ones nearby, that some level of mental illness has quite possibly set up shop inside of us as well…”

Wonder Dog

February 2nd 2012

A golden retriever was the only thing that could reach a raging, disconnected boy.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Bipolar Teen Wants To Be Known For More Than Disorder

January 26th 2011

American Idol contestant sharing her story with bipolar disorder.


How To Be Emotionally Stable Without Getting Bored

January 20th 2012

I found this to be very personally relatable, poignant, and well written. What do you guys think?


An Artist Whose Compulsions Have Their Upsides

December 29th 2011

“Ed Loftus, an Oakland artist known for his hyper-realistic graphite drawings, sat in a cafe in downtown San Francisco last week talking about how he had become obsessed with his hair… His hair fixation has nothing to do with vanity, but rather with obsessive-compulsive disorder…”


Blessings from schizophrenia? Believe me, they exist

December 26th 2011

It was interesting to read this article, and the comments as well because some people object to the mental illness as a spectrum thing, what do you guys think?


A Serious Illness or an Excuse?

December 13th 2011

As Awareness of Mental Issues Rises, Colleges Face Tough Calls; Playing ‘Detective’


72 Hours

November 25th 2011

Really interesting piece about a man’s 72-hour stay in a psychiatric hospital.

Lighting Up Our Mental Ills : Focused flashes could, literally, change the mind

November 19th 2011

This emerging field of optogenetics as applied to psychiatry is REALLY interesting, and relates to a lot of the things brought up in our conversations last night. Take a look!

We are none of us alone. We are all connected. Choose your own adventure.

I recently found this website that has people submit stories about all sorts of hard-to-talk-about topics.

One in five U.S. adults takes medication for a mental disorder 

November 16th 2011

“Medications to treat mental health disorders is soaring among U.S. adults, according to data released Wednesday by Medco Health Solutions, a pharmacy benefit manager.”

Adventures in Depression

October 27th 2011

“Some people have a legitimate reason to feel depressed, but not me. I just woke up one day feeling sad and helpless for absolutely no reason.”

Eating Disorders a New Front in Insurance Fight

October 13th 2011

“People with eating disorders like anorexia have opened up a new battleground in the insurance wars, testing the boundaries of laws mandating equivalent coverage for mental illnesses.”

Is it Okay to Jokingly Call Someone Bipolar?

October 10th 2011

OCD, bipolar, schizophrenic and the misuse of mental health terms


Joshua Walters: On being just crazy enough

June 24th 2011

Thinking of mental illness as a spectrum rather than categorical erases stigma.” Certainly food for thought.


Frontline: The Medicated Child Part 1 of 6

January 8th 2008

Okay, so the uploader has an obvious opinion, and i think the documentary is definitely slanted in the whole no-medication (for young children, at least) direction, but it’s pretty interesting (albeit old).

What’s going on

(small trigger warning for cutting) Another example of the effects bullying can have. A very simple, but powerful video. Luckily, this one does have a happy ending. Comment: I suggest clicking through to the youtube page– he gives an update about how things are going for him now (4 months later) in the description, which was pretty uplifting